"Creativity is seeing ordinary things differently"
André C. Meyerhans



Architecture carries a responsibility towards society because architecture builds society! Architecture forms our environment and with it our minds, how we interact and how we live. Therefore, every design has to contribute to the enhancement of our world. The design must respond adequately to the purpose of the building and integrate it deliberately into its (built) context. Buildings last; their appearance must not be guided by fashion and personalities but created by a considered mind to design architecture that reflects time and place, that ages but does not get old.

Architecture needs to accommodate input from various trades: structural engineering, electrical, plumbing, … – all hidden from the views but crucial to a working building. Statutory design codes need to be fulfilled as well as financial restrictions. The art of architecture is to channel them all, to find the optimal balance and to create a design that incorporates all as if they were non-existent. Furthermore, any building has an effect on our environment. Impacts – ecological and social – are to be minimized during sourcing, operation as well as disposal. The next generation will thank us." – André C. Meyerhans

Middle East Architect magazine named André C. Meyerhans the 24th most influential architect of the region in 2015. André worked independently under acmeyerhans architecture + design before starting to operate under Fischer Meyerhans Architects in 2015.


Jewelry served as a personal adornment and as expression of personality for centuries. Freed of any function but filled with symbolism and meaning, the little treasures belong to the finest cultural outputs of a society. Compared to other culturally relevant artifacts, the core (material) value is substantially higher. This seems to invite to marginalize the extended (cultural) and enlarged (symbolic) value. However, to reduce jewelry to its material value divests it from its quint essence of existence.

The intrinsic value may be linked to the material: a gemstone owned by an influential person or an antique bead that tells the history of an ancient empire. More often it is the creative process of form finding that infuses cultural substance to an object. An inspiration, often a visual or abstract phenomenon found in nature or society, serves as starting point to artistically and contextually develop a new creation, whereby time and place influence the interpretation. True value of jewelry lies within!" - André C. Meyerhans    

What began as a token of love to his mother developed a dynamic of its own. Since 2012, André C. Meyerhans presents his jewelry creations under MARIO UBOLDI Jewellery Art, in memory of his grandfather and in honor of his mother.


art + objects

"Art is a society’s seismograph. Art detects cultural shifts, addresses social dissonance and questions existing perceptions. Art provides ways forward, innovates culture and creates (self)understanding in an ever-changing environment. Art facilitates a discourse. Art has intellectual content; void thereof but with eminent workmanship, it is artisan craft and has a right of existence of its own. Art only emerges from a free space; any attempt to control art from outside dwarfs the same into irrelevance or propaganda. 

Art enables to work scientifically to develop a methodology. It serves well to explore conceptual ideas from other trades. The neutral environment allows to develop novel comprehensions and reemit them into other areas for further development. The intellectual and spiritual input is the essence of inspiration to any beholder of a finished artwork. The denotation might differ from the artist’s input but the quantity is identical." - André C. Meyerhans

Since his early career, André C. Meyerhans has seen art as the most conceptual sphere to develop ideas that ultimately yield in another sector. He takes an active role in the art world where he promotes the concept of blurring the boundaries between the trades. His works - some more furniture, some more architecture, some more art - is presented under acmeyerhans architecture + design.


“Education stimulates, opens minds and inspires to think differently. Sharing insights and experiences accelerates the academic and professional development – this is not only an investment into the future but also an investment into social responsibility.

The dialogue between the generations, between disciplines and between cultures creates an understanding across borders. The educational discussions form a tolerance towards the new and unknown – something immensely essential not only to explore new horizons but also to safeguard a peaceful diversity of our global society.” – André C. Meyerhans

André C. Meyerhans shares his professional views regularly on industry summits such as the Hotel Summit GCC, Big 5 Middle East, Dubai Design Week, Art Dubai, Glug or CEO Dialogue. Furthermore, he co-initiated an architectural and art vlog called “arttalks” and co-founded “Tabeer e Nau”, a summer school that focuses on reinterpretation of traditional, regional findings into contemporary art, design and architecture.